Consumer Proposals

What Is A Consumer Proposal?

Negotiating with creditors can be one way to deal with financial difficulty. A Consumer Proposal, for example, can be an effective strategy when you are unable to deal with debt, but have some ability to pay off your creditors. Tailored specifically to your particular circumstance, a Consumer Proposal gives creditors the opportunity to recover at least a portion of their losses, by enabling you to make payments that are realistic, given your situation.

Smith Cageorge Bailey, Inc. can help evaluate your situation and your ability to pay creditors. We can work with you to negotiate with creditors, formally and informally, to help solve your current debt situation.

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I have the ability now to save for my retirement. The most surprising things about this experience were the amount of debt that was eliminated, the hope I now have and, the help and support I received from the amazing people at SCB. They advise you and help you get through this. THANK YOU SCB

– Eleanore A.

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Consumer Proposal Resources

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