At Smith Cageorge Bailey, Inc., we help individuals and businesses deal with short and long-term financial difficulties. We understand the fear surrounding financial issues and know that you need a friend and colleague as well as a professional to make the process human.

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Debt Counselling

Many people find themselves in financial difficulty at some time in their lives. A host of circumstances, from losing a job to family tragedy, can lead to temporary debt problems. If not addressed, however, these short-term problems can grow into dire situations.

We can help you evaluate your current financial situation and explore the many options available to help you deal with debt before it becomes unmanageable. With guidance and support, you can find solutions to dealing with current debt and learn strategies for managing your finances in the future.

Find out more about financial crises by evaluating your situation and discovering a few options for dealing with financial difficulty.

Creditor Negotiations & Proposals

Negotiating with creditors can be one way to deal with financial difficulty. A Consumer Proposal, for example, can be an effective strategy when you are unable to deal with debt, but have some ability to pay off your creditors. Tailored specifically to your particular circumstance, a Consumer Proposal gives creditors the opportunity to recover at least a portion of their losses, by enabling you to make payments that are realistic, given your situation.

Smith Cageorge Bailey, Inc. can help evaluate your situation and your ability to pay creditors. We can work with you to negotiate with creditors, formally and informally, to help solve your current debt situation.

A Proposal might be the solution to your financial situation.

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Personal Bankruptcy

When debts are insurmountable and you have no prospects for paying your creditors, personal bankruptcy may be your choice of last resort. A Licensed Insolvency Trustee, Smith Cageorge Bailey, Inc. can advise you on applicable bankruptcy laws, evaluate your financial situation, prepare and file required documentation, and serve as Licensed Insolvency Trustee for your bankruptcy.

Learn more about personal bankruptcy, the process involved and the role of a Licensed Insolvency Trustee, to help you determine if this might be the course of action you need to take.